The professional team of Authentic Software

The team of Authentic Software was built with highly experienced, professional and dedicated personals. In our team we have sincere and time conscious programmer as well as creative designers. Each and every employee of this organization make all the tasks finished by own responsibility.

The designers are very creative as they make the beauty of our clients' websites. They always research about new designing technologies. Updated color concept is one of their primary platforms of making satisfied client.

Programmers are like the warrior to our organization. Providing a very critical task to them is like to give them a new battle to win. Our programmers are very conscious to solve problems in several alternatives. They work on different platforms and languages. Our main focus is PHP and MySQL. But we also worked on C#, SQL server as well as DOTnet platforms. Our team is ready to take any new challenge for any new platform. We customize different CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc besides our own CMS for the clients.

SEO team
The SEO team is ready to win the top position of search engines. They write SEO friendly article, post in different forum, work for PR and lots of stuff.

In a word The Authentic Software family has all the effective part which is needed to run a successful web business.

To join our team send your detail CV with desired position to